BCPS Pay Scale

Are you interested in exploring a career within Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS)? If so, you might be wondering about the BCPS Pay Scale and the benefits that come with working in this educational institution.

In this article, I’ll explore all details you need to know about the BCPS pay scale, including the different salary grades, benefits, and other relevant information.

BCPS Pay scale

What is BCPS Pay Scale?

The BCPS pay scale is based on a system of salary grades that are determined by an employee’s position and years of experience.

There are 12-grade levels of salary and grade 1 being the lowest, and grade 12 being the highest.

What Is BCPS Salary Grades?

➡️ Here is a breakdown of the BCPS salary grades:

Grade 1  $29,648 $38,986
Grade 2  $32,965 $43,483
Grade 3 $36,421 $48,017
Grade 4 $40,018 $52,703
Grade 5 $43,764 $57,553
Grade 6 $47,664 $62,569
Grade 7 $51,727 $68,034
Grade 8 $56,022 $73,957
Grade 9 $60,556 $80,456
Grade 10 $65,332 $87,655
Grade 11 $70,358 $95,682
Grade 12 $75,641 $104,668

It’s important to remember that these ranges of salary can be altered depending on factors like collective bargaining agreements as well as budgetary decisions made annually.

What is the BCPS TABCO Pay Scale?

The BCPS TABCO pay scale is a salary schedule that outlines how much teachers and other school employees will be paid based on their education level and years of experience.

TABCO stands for the Teachers Association of Baltimore County, the union that represents BCPS teachers.

What is BCPS pay Schedule?

BCPS pay schedule refers to the system that the school district uses to pay its employees. BCPS employees pay on a biweekly basis. This means that they are paid each two weeks.

This schedule is standard across most US school districts and is designed to ensure that employees receive a regular and predictable income.

BCPS Pay Structure

The pay structure at BCPS varies depending on the job position and experience of the employee. For instance, teachers, administrative staff, and support staff all have different pay scales.

BCPS Paraeducators are paid hourly rates, which are based on their education and years of experience. Paraeducators who have a Bachelor’s degree get better hourly pay than those who have only a secondary school certificate or GED.

The pay scale ranges from $13.34 to $26.03 per hour for Paraeducators, depending on their qualifications and years of service.

BCPS Pay Frequency

BCPS employees receive their paychecks on a bi-weekly basis. That means they get paid each two weeks. This schedule of payments is applicable to all staff members, which includes administrators, teachers, and support staff.

BCPS pays its employees on a Friday, which is the last day of the pay period.

What are the Benefits Of BCPS Employees?

➡️ In addition to salary, BCPS employees are also entitled to a range of benefits.

➡️Here are some of the advantages to know about:

  • Health Insurance: BCPS has a wide range of health insurance plans to employees, which include plans for medical, dental as well as vision.
  • Retirement Plans: BCPS employees are eligible to participate in the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System, which provides retirement benefits based on years of service and salary.
  • Paid Time Off: BCPS employees receive paid time off for sick leave, personal leave, and vacation time. The amount of time off available will depend on your position and years of experience.
  • Professional Development: Professional Development BCPS will be providing professional development opportunities to its employees, which include workshops and training to assist staff and teachers in improving their skills and understanding.

How to Apply for Jobs in BCPS?

If you’re interested in working for BCPS and Are You Interested in BCPS Schoology Login you’ll need to apply for job openings as they become available. There are job postings on the BCPS website and through job search sites such as Indeed as well as Glassdoor.

If you’re applying for jobs at BCPS Check the job description thoroughly to make sure that you meet the qualifications and requirements.  You’ll also need to include your resume and an introduction letter that highlights your abilities and previous work experiences.

BCPS Office of Payroll

Main Phone:  443-809-4240
Fax:  410-887-7610
Mailing Address:  6901 N. Charles Street, Building E, Towson, MD 21204


The BCPS pay scale and benefits package are designed to attract and retain talented educators and staff. With a range of salary grades and benefits available, BCPS employees can build rewarding careers in the field of education.

No matter if you’re just beginning out or want to build the level of your profession, BCPS might be an ideal workplace.


Q. Are there other factors that can affect a BCPS Teacher Pay Scale?

Ans. Yes, there are a few other factors that can affect a teacher’s pay in BCPS. For example, teachers can earn additional pay for taking on leadership roles, teaching certain subjects, or working in schools with high poverty rates.

Q. What is the BCPS paraeducator pay scale?

Ans. The BCPS paraeducator pay scale is a salary schedule that outlines how much paraeducators will be paid based on their years of experience and education level.

Q. How much does Baltimore County School Board pay?

Ans. As of February 23rd, 2023, the median annual wage for an individual on a school Board of Baltimore was $69,694 per year. If you’re in need of an easy salary calculator it will roughly $33.51 for an hour. It’s the equivalent of $1,340/week or $5.807/month.

Q. What is the bcps afscme pay scale?

Ans. Afscme provides an average hourly wage of $78. hourly earnings range from a minimum of $67 to a peak of $91.

Q. How Does Salary Lane Advancement Benefit Me As An Employee?

Ans. Salary lane advancement allows you to increase your pay and earn recognition for your additional education, experience, and professional development. It also allows you to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning and growth in your profession.

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